Starting Your Own Cooking Blog
One thing people have become addicted to is filming online cooking shows or blogs. People love to showcase their talents and of late many of them like the idea of showcasing some of their favorite dishes. They've been able to use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others to build a very successful following and online presence. 

However, there are a lot of things you need to consider before you start in this area. There is a lot of competition out there and these people have dedicated a lot of time and energy to finding the best ways to build a following as well as to utilize the attention they have from an audience to maximize potential results. 

Before You Start A Blog 

Make no mistake most people have the fantasy of being able to do some of the things they love the most like fishing or cooking, posting the video online, getting hundreds of thousands or millions of followers and getting paid to do it. However, what every one of these people would tell you is that you are not going to have an easy time doing this, especially in the beginning. It is a lot of work and a lot of time to plan and prepare a show and any shortcuts you take will be easy to see when the video is completed. If you're willing to put in that dedication then you're off to a good start. 

Getting Started 

Now that you are certain that you want to start a food blog let's consider all of the things you are going to need to begin building an online presence. Remember, the reason we are making a blog instead of just doing videos is because we want to be able to reach more people through more channels. This is how you can get started: 

· Website: You will need more than social media accounts if you plan on making a real career of this. You need to commit to a website so that you can benefit from the traffic your brand is generating. Remember, you will gain most of your interest via social media, but you will also gain a lot of your interest through the web as people search for ingredients and recipes. 
· Social media: While it's important to have a website, your top avenue for building an online presence and showcasing your talent will be through social media. A video of you preparing a pizza can be posted and shared with tens of thousands of people within hours. That's just if you have a simple following but produce great content. Once you've created a larger following you will be able to see higher viewership numbers with your postings.
· Ways to record: The presentation is the key to success. Your videos have to be easy to watch, easy to understand and also a bit entertaining. Your presentation is going to take long time to get where you want it to go as you learn new options and tips from the industry. However, it's recommended that you watch some videos on how to set up recording options correctly so that the quality of the video, including the sound, is outstanding.
· Ways to collect emails: Another valuable feature you want to learn is how to collect emails on your website as well as through social media. Remember, social media can change its algorithm to lower the number of followers who can see your content and other things can change on the web that limit your ability to reach out to your followers and potential consumers. By having a large email list, you are making your brand more valuable as it has something that allows you to communicate with your audience. 

You can get away with some shortcuts in the beginning especially if you're working with a smaller budget or limited time. However, you need to remember that people respond to better quality videos and ones that are easy to find and share. Once things get rolling you need to make sure that you incorporate yourself with a website and other things as they are needed to grow your brand. 

Building A Following 

A following is a key requirement in order to be successful with a digital cooking show or blog. There are several ways you can build your following but the fastest ways are going to be either by running a giveaway where people have to follow your pages and sign up for a chance to win something or with influencer marketing. The problem is that both can cost a lot of money which might not be an option as you get started. Try some of these organic options to build up your followers first:

· Hashtags and trends: People still look for content based on hashtags and trending topics. If you can connect a video and post to an important topic, like a big football game that’s coming up, you will see much higher visibility rates on it than you would if you were just sharing a post about how you like to make a pizza. This is a fantastic way to get more viewers on your content.
· Share on other channels: Is someone posting about their favorite foods to make for the big game? Why not leave a comment sharing what you did for the game? It allows you to show your content to the same target audience and engage with others who have the same interests.
· Post weekly: One of the most important things people have to do if they want to get an online blog going is that they have to commit to a post schedule. You need to share content nearly every day and new content at least once a week. You can share old content once you have enough made but you will need to produce new content routinely. It may be a good idea to not market any videos until you have about 10 shows recorded and five to 10 more shows ready to publish. This way you will have more time to market the content and people will feel that you've been established a lot longer.
· Optimize content: Always optimize the content and make sure that you are not just publishing videos but also publishing blogs. You can share a video on social media, but then make sure that you are adding it to a blog on your site. The reason is because blogs that have videos in them and are well optimized are going to rank on search engines and if someone is looking for a specific recipe, you may be the first place they see. 

Try to plan out as many episodes as you can and at the same time focus on how you are going to produce and shoot each episode. Watch some videos online from people who can show you how to produce a show, learn about some of the different options you can download and try to enhance your efforts and take down as many tips as you can to ensure the highest possible quality you can accomplish. You always want to appear as if you have been doing this for years so don't get started until you have a lot of ideas for episodes.