What to look for when selecting a New Coffee?

Selecting a new brand of coffee can be a difficult process, especially if you are a coffee lover and your day doesn't begin unless you have your cup of coffee in hand. There is a whole world of information to sort through and so many choices when it comes to selecting a new coffee.

There are some key factors to consider when you are making this important choice. Whether it's purchasing new coffee beans or looking at a coffee menu, it is important to keep these tips in mind while selecting new coffee.

1. Look at the roasting date

One of the most important factors to keep in mind while selecting new coffee is to check the roasting date. Well, coffee does not have any expiration date, but it is still a very perishable food product, and as it ages, its chemistry changes on reacting to oxygen, heat, and moisture. Due to this, it ages and can go stale.

The best coffee, like New Mexico Gourmet Coffees , should be fresh. It is best to have your coffee beans no more than three weeks from the date of roasting. However, most coffee sold at supermarkets does not have any roasting date since it might have been roasted weeks before the coffee is bagged and shipped.

When selecting new coffee, you should always look for beans that have a printed roasting date on them. Any coffee that does not have this information printed is probably not willing to share this data, so be wary of any coffee packaging that comes with a best before or just prints a random year of roasting on the package. New Mexico Gourmet Coffees are freshly prepared just before being shipped out to you.

2. Consider the roast profile

For those of you wondering what a roast profile is, the thumb rule is that you use espresso roast for espresso machines and filter roast if you are going in for manual brewing. Coffees that come with the tags filter roast or espresso roast have been roasted with special brewing equipment.

An espresso roast coffee means that it has been in the roaster for longer, thus increasing the caramelization and body, which is best prepared on an espresso machine.

Filter roasted coffee means that it has been less developed so that it retains more of its acidity. This coffee is best prepared manually in an immersion brewer or through a pour over. New Mexico Gourmet Coffees are all medium roasts that translate into a smooth cup of coffee that tastes sweet and delicious.

3. Do you want to buy Blend or Single Origin?

This can be confusing for a person who is selecting new coffee for the first time. To keep it as broad as possible, if you prefer to have your coffee with milk, you should choose a blend. But, if black coffee is what you like, you should go with a single origin.

When selecting a blended coffee, several single origins are typically used to create that blend and to lend it a complex and balanced flavour while still knowing that it will eventually be a milk-based beverage.

New Mexico Gourmet Coffees have been carefully selected to ensure an increased body. A single origin coffee, like the New Mexico Gourmet Coffees , originates from a single known geographic location. Remember that growing conditions vary widely around the world, and this is why it is not surprising that coffee grown in one region of the world will taste different from the next.

This is the same for wine as well. The special flavour and aroma characteristics of French coffee will be different from coffee grown in New Mexico. This lets you appreciate the special nuance that is associated with that particular coffee-growing region. So if you like to have black coffee, you will be more likely to enjoy the rich flavour of that growing region without having any milk masking it.

Regardless of what type of new coffee you pick, it is important to keep in mind that you must match your bean according to your coffee maker. A light roast coffee is better for making filter coffee. A medium roast, like the New Mexico Gourmet Coffees , is perfect for espresso.

If you have a plunger for making coffee, you should use a medium roast, medium body, and a simple blend like the New Mexico Gourmet Coffee . If you are making your coffee on the stovetop, you can choose medium to dark roast, medium to heavy body, and single-origin blends. For those who have portable filter makers, it is ideal to have an espresso roast if you have coffee with milk or any filter roast if you have black coffee.

Espresso machines can be great when used with any medium roast, from the lighter, more aromatic beans to the heavier naturally processed beans. You can consider any type of medium roast, even the New Mexico Gourmet Coffees are a great option for your espresso machine.

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