Senor Pinos Fire Roasted Chopped Green Chile in tubs!

Senor Pinos Fire Roasted Chopped Green Chile in tubs!

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6 pack, 14oz tubs (equals 5.25lbs total)


2 pack, 56oz tubs (7lbs total)

This green chile is certified from Hatch, New Mexico. Fresh, hot & mild green chiles are fire roasted, chopped and frozen in sealed plastic containers. Easy, quick-fix chile sauce recipes are on the container. Too hot? Simply tame by adding more tomatoes. 

Chiles from Hatch have a unique and delicious flavor that cannot be grown or duplicated elsewhere. Excellent for pork, beef or vegetarian stews. Add a little to your eggs, salads, cooked rice, beans, pizza, favorite meats or veggies for a delicious kick. 

Keep chile frozen or refrigerated until use, New Mexico-certified green chile, Mix 13 oz. chile with salt, garlic and onion powder, Heat to 165°F, Additional spices and chopped meat may be added

Shipping not included.

(Picture shows 56oz container. This is a 6 pack of 13oz containers)

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