7 Great Gifts for Women & Men Who Like to Cook

Finding the perfect gift can be tough, even when you do it for someone you know well. Some hobbies do not lend themselves quite as well to gift-hunting as others. They may be too obscure to easily find related gifts, or too expensive to shop for on a manageable budget.

Cooking is not one of those hobbies. Women and men who like to cook (and nonbinary people, too) may enjoy a wide variety of goodies as gifts. So many great options are available that choosing can be difficult. We will try to make shopping easier for you by narrowing the selection to seven awesome ideas.

3 Dozen Garcia’s Kitchen Flautas

What is better than a few flautas? How about a whopping 36, all made with corn tortillas and dipped in oil? You can order them from Garcia’s Kitchen, a restaurant chain that serves traditional New Mexico cuisine. Although the chain is based in its home state, out-of-state foodies can still order the 3 Dozen Garcia’s Kitchen Flautas package online.

This set is perfect for parties — though you could always get it for yourself and eat like royalty for days. Garcia’s whips up the flautas with your choice of shredded brisket or shredded chicken, then ships it out over two days or fewer. You get them fresh that way, so you can reheat them, eat them, and enjoy them.

2021 Holiday Gift Box #1

The 2021 holiday season may be a distant and fond memory, but your loved ones may still appreciate Chile Monster’s 2021 Holiday Gift Box #1. This bundle contains sopaipilla mix, an assortment of salsas, and even biscochito cookies. Getting it can also save you a bundle: all these goods cost less together than if you bought them separately.

So what can you do with the items in this gift box? You can use the mix to whip up sopaipillas, puffy and delicious pastry dough pieces adored across Hispanic cultures. The salsas are for dipping, with varying degrees of spiciness to keep things interesting. The Holiday Gift Box #1 even comes with dessert, making it a complete package.

Amour Midnight Campfire Dark Chocolate Chile Bar — 2 Pack

Many people worry themselves sick over the cost of their gifts, fearing that they should always spring for something expensive. As the saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” A simple yet meaningful gift is always better than a pricy yet generic one. What matters most is showing your love.

The Amour Midnight Campfire Dark Chocolate Chile Bar — 2 Pack is as simple as it gets: a pair of candies priced below 10 bucks. With that said, it is made from delicious dark chocolate, with a spicy flavor to fan the flames of affection. It even comes with two bars, allowing you to share the gift with a special person.

Book Combo — Bacon Lovers and New Mexico Cookbooks

Cookbooks are a go-to gift idea for women and men who like to cook. Of course, one must be careful about getting anything too generic, or not to the recipient’s tastes. As you scan shelves for potential presents, look for something more specialized that may catch their interest.

Why get one cookbook when you can get two? Chile Monster offers a Book Combo — Bacon Lovers and New Mexico Cookbooks pairing. One is devoted to a specific ingredient beloved by many, while the other focuses on a geographical area’s culture and cuisine. Both are stuffed with scrumptious recipes, all available at a cheaper price than many cookbooks cost on their own.

Zia Cookie Cutter Set #1

Do you know someone who enjoys baking cookies? They may appreciate the Zia Cookie Cutter Set #1. It features three fun shapes: a traditional Christmas pine tree, a balloon, and a heart. If that someone is a resident of New Mexico or has some tie to the Land of Enchantment, this set may remind them of home.

Each cutter’s design has an additional element: the sun symbol of the Zia people native to the state’s area. You may recognize it as the emblem distinguishing New Mexico’s flag. When you stamp this on gingerbread, biscochito, or another kind of dough, you do not just get cookies in a familiar shape. You also get a taste of New Mexico.

Chile Monster Flip-Flops

Here at Chile Monster, we are grateful to our many regular customers. We are also aware that the two beastly peppers in our logo have their fans, not just our products. That is why we asked ourselves: why not? Why should we not slap the image all over a pair of sandals?

For our most diehard fans out there, we offer the Chile Monster flip-flops. The visual design features a pattern based on our logo, with each one connected by four lines to honor our New Mexico background. The footwear itself is comfortable and available in small, medium, and large. Break them out on a scorching day and give any cookout the spirit of a beach barbeque.

Chile Monster Gift Certificate for Women and Men Who Like to Cook

Sometimes, the best approach to gift-giving is to let the recipient choose the gift themselves. That way, they get exactly what they want while you fulfill your end. Gift cards are an easy way to do this, and they are just a bit more thoughtful than simply handing the person money.

Women and men who like to cook (and again, nonbinary people, too) can find all kinds of fantastic ingredients and items here at Chile Monster. You can give them access to our inventory with the Chile Monster Gift Certificate. Choose the dollar amount, ranging from $25 to $300, and email a special code to the foodie in your life instantly.

All these goodies and more are available right here at the Chile Monster online store. Although we specialize in chiles and salsas, we have way more to offer. The next time you need a great gift idea, check out our selection and see what’s in stock.